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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

pasij: the act of process of moving through, under, over or past something on the way from one place to another.

The simple definition of feedback is: information about the reactions to a product or performance of a service. Success and sustainability are the primary goal of all good businesses. We care about the work our partners are doing. Help us help you. Give feedback.

It’s simple. As an entrepreneur, my goals are to:

1. Do a great job for you

2. Get paid for the value I provide

3. Receive your customer feedback – what did you like – or not and why? How can I do better?

4. Earn your trust – build a strong relationship, performing consistently to your expectations and delight you every time we engage.

5. Earn your respect and work with you again.

6. Receive your testimonial and earn word-of-mouth referrals.

7. Expand our businesses.

Repeat again and again.

Do you regularly provide feedback to your business partners? Why do some fail to give specific feedback? As entrepreneurs, we depend on communication to attract new customers, establish relationships, and gain repeat business. In my opinion, the best way develop enduring relationships with our business partners is to give and receive continuous feedback.

Have you every had any interesting, surprising or unexpected feedback? Please share yours by adding your thoughts to the comments section below the blog. I'm interested in what you have to say!

Sadly, I have noticed that I don’t get as much concrete feedback as I would like from the businesses I’ve worked with. For direct engagements, I usually follow up after delivering the work product. I want to how my customer liked the content and whether it meets and exceeds their approval. I want them to share specific comments so the next time we work together we understand each other more. I know that everyone is busy and sometimes they just move on to the next project. Before you do that, kindly give me what I need to evaluate my service to you. Your feedback and opinions in a short note or a phone call is more personal and direct that a survey questionnaire.

In the long run, your feedback will benefit all to some extent; your business, my business, our employees and customers.

Ultimately, the survival of our brands depends on reflection and evaluation of our work. It only takes a few moments and it goes a long way in shaping the value of what we do.

For every job, please do these two things:

1. Provide clear direction of your vision and expectations for the piece the actor will be performing before the work begins.

2. Give appropriate and specific feedback after the job is complete. Tell us how we did and what could we do better next time.

Because I can’t read your mind, I need you to talk with me. Communicating goes a long way in driving satisfaction and building the best relationships. Yours, and ours.

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May 03, 2022

I come across this all the time. When given directions for an audition on backstage and I submit something it goes into the ethernet. Never to hear from these people again. Even if I wasn’t chosen for the part it would have been nice to hear some feedback or at least thank you for taking the time to do the audition.

Replying to

Thanks for your comment It’s hard to wait in silence.

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